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Farmers’ market vendors need to give customers more ways to pay

Customers buy more if they can use their credit cards

Farmers’ markets wanting to increase purchases by customers should consider accepting more than just cash or cheques as payment, according to Washington State University researchers. “Customers are willing to buy more if they have other payment options,” said Karina Gallardo, a WSU associate professor and extension specialist in the School of Economic Sciences. “They may

Personalized Gift Cards

Gift cards instead of actual presents seem to be gaining in popularity as they are less expensive to mail and provide the recipients with freedom of choice. To add a personal touch, wrap the gift cards so as to give a hint as to the contents. To do so, you will need to save the

Tips For Holiday Spending

Just as eating too much holiday food ruins a waistline, too much holiday spending can ruin a budget. Save yourself from this stress by mapping out your spending in advance. Prepare an overall holiday budget using realistic expenditures and stick to it. Set realistic spending limits. Take a hard look at what you can spend

Protect Yourself From ID Fraud

Started your Christmas shopping yet? With the busiest retail season of the year coming up, an increase in financial transactions brings an increase in opportunities for fraud artists. Keep your holiday shopping joyous by taking a few extra precautions. Shopping in person: Even though you will be rushed and thinking about a thousand things, try

Cmemap Cheques Being Mailed – for Sep. 9, 2010

Cheques to compensate Manitoba farmers for crops lost or unseeded this spring due to excess moisture are on the way. About 900 cheques under the Canada-Manitoba Excess Moisture Assistance Program (CMEMAP) had been mailed as of Aug. 31, said David Van Deynze, manager of claim services with the Manitoba Agricultural Services Corp. (MASC), which is

Get Paid ASAP

The Canadian Grain Commission (CGC) tries to ensure grain companies have enough security posted to cover farmers against payment defaults, but sometimes the security falls short. That’s why the CGC urges farmers to get paid right away. Farmers can make a claim against a company’s security if they are not paid within 90 days from

CWB’s 2009-10 Malt Barley Initials Raised

Prairie barley growers will get a raise on initial payments on malting barley delivered to the Canadian Wheat Board for the 2009-10 crop year. The federal government approved and the CWB announced on March 12 that the 2009-10 initial payments for all grades and classes of designated barley will increase by $26.50 per tonne, effective

How Fraudproof Are You?

Give yourself 2 points for every right answer: 1.c) 2.b) 3.a) 4.b) 5.c) 6.a) 7.c) 8.c) 9.a) 10.b) 11.c) 12.c) If you scored 20 to 24: You run a tight ship – your information is pretty safe. If you scored 14 to 18: You know the basics, but there is more you can do to