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Manitoba fall cattle run comes to an end

Local beef plants showed some demand for slaughter cattle

The fall run in the Manitoba cattle industry largely wrapped up on the week ended Dec. 17. As that large influx of cattle came to an end for 2020, prices for feeders were down a few cents per pound and those for slaughter were up a few cents, according to Harold Unrau, manager of the

Cattle hold steady with fall run winding down

Barley and wheat values are stronger, pressuring cattle values farther west

As the fall run continues at Manitoba’s cattle auctions, prices held steady, according to Tyler Slawinski, an auctioneer at the Ashern and Ste. Rose auction marts. “The fall run is still booming. We were full on; Ashern had nearly 2,900 and Ste. Rose had almost 2,600,” he said. Province-wide, auctions sold more than 15,000 head

Cattle values expected to drop in coming weeks

The chance of COVID-19 hitting packers again has cattle markets on edge

Feeder cattle prices at Manitoba’s cattle auctions have been steadily rising, though the rally isn’t expected to last for much longer. “With futures dropping and grain prices going up, I expect (prices) will stay steady or drop a bit next week,” Grunthal Livestock Auction Mart manager Harold Unrau said. Feed grain prices in Western Canada have been

Rising Chicago futures lift prices against higher loonie

Sale prices rose a few dollars, Virden’s Hill reports

Auction prices increased this week by $2-$3 per hundredweight (cwt) at Heartland Livestock Services’ auction at Virden on July 22, according to Robin Hill, the auction’s manager. “The one thing about the feeder cattle, we’ve really seen the Chicago Mercantile Exchange (CME) really take off last week,” he said. Futures values at the CME are

Auction activity holds up well during pandemic

Cargill resuming operations at High River is seen as supportive

As Manitoba cattle auctions continued to deal with restrictions placed on them due to the COVID-19 pandemic, Pipestone Livestock Sales has held up quite well, according to auctioneer Brock Taylor. “It’s been pretty good out in this area. We have a pretty good set of buyers and they let you know when they’re coming,” he said. With the pandemic, cattle

Coronavirus ends hopes for positive year for markets

Top importer China among the hardest hit, dampening demand

As 2020 began there was a lot of positive sentiment, with hopes that the year was going to be a good one for the cattle industry, said Brian Perillat, manager and senior analyst with CanFax. However, that has been changing with the COVID-19 coronavirus outbreak, as cattle auctions are not immune to what’s happening on

Traffic continues strong at most Manitoba livestock auctions

Cattle markets are climbing back up from the COVID-19 market scare

Some but not all Manitoba auction houses booked increases in cattle headed to sale between Feb. 14 and 20. Gladstone Auction Mart was one of those reporting an increase, from 801 head on Feb. 11 to 1,114 on Feb. 18. Auctioneer Tyler Slawinski said Gladstone’s numbers are likely to hold up for now, as producers

Feed prices, strong loonie drag down cattle values

China’s boycott on beef poses relatively little threat

Canadian meat packers are assessing what future demand will look like for Canadian beef, though China’s recent shunning of Canadian meat products will leave cattle markets largely unscathed. This is mainly due to the fact that only about five per cent of beef exports year to date have been shipped to China, said Brian Perillat

Pasture conditions and hay prices will be significant indicators for cattle markets going into summer.

Manitoba cattle market softens into springtime

Spring highs appear to be in, with bigger supplies ahead

Cattle volumes were down at auctions across the province on the week ended May 3, which is par for the course after spring highs were observed weeks prior. “It’s been an interesting couple of weeks,” said Brian Perillat of Canfax in Calgary. “We’ve seen weakness recently in the cash markets.” Perillat believed that spring highs

Lightweights show strength at Manitoba auction sales

Quantities of cattle were up from previous frosty weeks

Lightweight cattle continue to do quite well at Manitoba cattle auctions, according to two people heavily involved with the cattle industry. “Lightweights were up quite a bit. Anything that’s under 600 lbs., going to the grass, certainly has a strong market,” said Harold Unrau of Grunthal Livestock Auction Market. At Grunthal’s Feb. 12 auction, feeder