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In pastures identified as having flukes in the past, treating in the fall with a flukicide would be a good management approach.

They’re hard to diagnose but flukes are a concern

Beef 911: Unexplained weight loss is one sign that this parasite may be affecting your herd

I hear of the diagnosis of liver flukes here and there, a condition that can be hard to diagnose and has rather limited treatments. One of the first clinical signs is non-specific weight loss, which can be confused with many things. As well, having liver flukes predisposes cattle to a susceptibility to a clostridial disease (clostridium

Common Parasites Plague Sheep And Goat Herds

The barber pole worm is nearing outbreak levels in some areas of the province, according to Manitoba Agriculture, Food and Rural Initiatives (MAFRI). The situation on a few farms is the worst I ve seen in my time here, said Mamoon Rashid, MAFRI sheep and goat specialist. He said the parasite, along with liver flukes,

Access To Drug Gives Goat Producers New Hope

The goat market is booming in Manitoba and now a streamlined approval process for an effective liver fluke medication promises to put one of the industry’s biggest headaches behind it. “Supply cannot keep up with demand,” said Bill Paulishyn, president of the Manitoba Goat Association, “but the downside is that this liver fluke infestation is

Liver Fluke Cases On The Rise In Manitoba

Liver fluke prevention Keep animals from grazing wet areas. Control snail population by fencing off marshy, or wet areas. Keep deer, elk, moose out of pastures and away from water supplies by keeping a guardian dog with the flock; Rotate pastures. Use a strategic control program, such as early-spring drenching with Ivomec Plus to prevent