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Processed meat products are particularly hard to test for adulteration.

Rapid detection of meat fraud

Spanish researchers say a new biosensor can give test results within an hour

In recent years meat fraud has been a growing problem. Unscrupulous sellers have been caught adulturating beef with cheaper horsemeat and swapping chicken for turkey in sausages labelled 100 per cent turkey. Now researchers from the Complutense University of Madrid say they’ve developed an electrochemical biosensor that can quickly detect a DNA fragment unique to

Have you ever eaten edamame?

Prairie Fare: Soy and Spinach Artichoke Dip

What is that?” my husband asked. I think I detected a note of disdain in his voice. I could almost see a thought bubble above his head with, “What is she trying now?” I was putting the contents of a bag of steamed edamame in a bowl. Yes, they looked a little like fuzzy green

Japanese nuclear crisis fallout — noodles on ice

Reuters / Steaming, silky instant ramen noodles slurped down late at night are a standard memory for university students around the globe. But in the savoury snack’s birthplace of Japan, which is bracing for possible power shortages as the steamy summer moves into high gear, the treat is undergoing a makeover — served cold, mixed

Fiddleheads — Free For The Picking

Some people are unapologetic foragers. They are morel hunters, berry pickers and hazelnut gatherers. Along with morels, fiddleheads are one of the most popular wild delicacies of spring, and like morel hunters, fiddlehead foragers are very secretive about their harvesting locations. Fiddleheads are the coiled, immature fronds of the ostrich fern. They acquired their name

Early-Spring Delicacy Rich In Nutrition Too

“The fiddlehead’s total antioxidant activity is twice that of blueberries.” – DR. JOHN DELONG Fiddlehead greens, the young, tightly curled fronds of the indigenous wild ostrich fern (Matteucia struthiopteris), are a delectable spring vegetable and rite of the season. Fiddleheads as a food source have been well known to Canada’s First Nations for many years.