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Sulky Plowing At The Threshermen’s Reunion

MANITOBA AGRICULTURAL MUSEUM RELEASE A new attraction during the annual Threshermen’s Reunion and Stampede is the people cart attached behind the horse-drawn sulky plow. The cart seats two people and allows them to watch the sulky plow closely while working. The carts are attracting people for a variety of reasons. The major one is people’s

The Clegg Collection Will Live On

Perhaps one of Rollie’s favourite and most valuable pieces in the collection, is the horse-drawn First World War ambulance. It was while restoring the buggy his wife Gladys had driven shortly after they married in the 1940s that rekindled Roland Clegg’s interest in horse-drawn vehicles. He took on that project for his granddaughter in 1975.

The Man Behind The Lines

“They are very, very easy horses to work with, I find. They’ve got a look and a style to them that just oozes grace, in my opinion.” – CHRIS ARTHUR Visitors at the Royal Manitoba Winter Fair every year come to get an eyeful or two of the best horseflesh from near and far. At

Harness Maker Never Been Busier

“Right now I’m paying more for the hide on the cow than they’re getting for the whole cow.” – BILL MADSEN, HARNESS MAKER Harness making is a passion for 86-year-old Bill Madsen of Decker, Manitoba. Even though this quiet, modest man lives and keeps to himself, his business is a hub of activity for many