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Coronavirus disrupts China meat imports, food supplies

Swine fever has created pork shortage

Chicago | Reuters — Coronavirus is disrupting meat shipments to China as the country faces a shortage due to an outbreak of a fatal pig disease, Tyson Foods Inc and U.S. agricultural groups said on Thursday. An outbreak of African swine fever, which infects only pigs, has decimated China’s herd, pushing Chinese pork prices to

Do we really feed the world?

It’s a moral platitude that papers over a multitude of problems

The Environmental Working Group (EWG) is using this harvest season to solidify its reputation as the biggest not-for-profit policy organization American farmers love to hate. The hatred took root in 1995 when EWG published — on something called the Internet — a 10-year, searchable database of U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) payments to all American

Population growth not the cause of world hunger: economist

For some the equation is simple — more people on the planet means more people go hungry. Not for Haroon Akram-Lodhi. The economist and Trent University professor who specializes in the political economy of agrarian change in developing capitalist countries, says equating a growing population with global hunger is not only incorrect, but creates a

China to speed up rural land reform, ensure food supply

Reuters / China will draw up policies aimed at speeding up the transfer of rural land as part of efforts to improve efficiency and promote large-scale commercial farming, the government said Jan. 31. The central government said in its “No. 1 document” for 2013, focusing on modernizing agriculture, it would grant more subsidies to large-scale

Food self-sufficiency no longer option for China, farm official says

Reuters — China’s pursuit of self-sufficiency in food output is no longer possible as soaring demand and rapid urbanization stoke appetites, a top government farm official said, in comments that appear to be the most direct yet to rule out achieving this aim. China’s soaring imports of agricultural products remain a sensitive topic for the

Scientists are watching Ug99 closely

Wheat experts are stepping up monitoring of a crop disease first found in Africa in 1999 to minimize the spread of a deadly fungus that is also a threat in Asia, experts said Aug. 31. A “Rust-Tracker,” using data supplied by farmers and scientists, could now monitor the fungus in 27 developing nations across 42

UN-backed land use rules ready for final OK

milan / reuters / After three years of debate, the United Nations is issuing guidelines on responsible land use as part of an effort to regulate so-called land grabbing and boost food security. The guidelines include promoting equal rights for women in securing title to land, creating transparent record-keeping systems accessible to the rural poor,

Tracking microclimates could help feed the world

Scientists in Israel have developed a way of using satellite images to help farmers detect small-scale changes in climate and improve their harvests, a method that could bolster food supplies for an increasingly hungry world population. Rather than analyze the weather and topography of large swathes of land, the new system divides fields into smaller

World briefs, Feb. 2

Chinese premier favours modernization over grain imports beijing / reuters / China must push forward with modernizing agricultural technology as it faces increasing difficulty in meeting local food demand, Premier Wen Jiabao said in a recent essay. “The fundamental way out is to enhance the construction of modern agriculture to boost the complex agricultural productivity