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Federal surplus food program now taking applications

Qualified NGOs sought to move, distribute perishables to 'populations in need'

A federal program to get food to those who need it, using stockpiles of perishables created by the COVID-19-related shutdown of the dining sector, is now taking applications. The $50 million Surplus Food Rescue Program — which Prime Minister Justin Trudeau telegraphed in a funding announcement May 5 — will take applications from “organizations addressing

Unlike what many analysts have said in the past, the food sector has never been recession-proof. COVID-19, however, may show us that it is in fact immune to deflationary pressures.

Opinion: Better get used to higher food prices

Food inflation is vastly outstripping price advances in other products

Despite a negative inflation rate, recent StatsCan numbers are telling us that we are in for a wild ride at the grocery store. The numbers are also telling. While the general inflation rate sits at -0.2 per cent, the food inflation rate is at 3.4 per cent. In December 2019, Canada’s Food Price Report forecasted

The strength and resilience of Canadian agriculture and our food supply chain is a result of science and research.

Comment: Is science back in style?

There have been some unexpected impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic. One of these is the new celebrity status of our chief medical health officers. A lot of people who just a few short months ago never even knew every province had a chief medical health officer are now hanging on to every word. Does this mean science and respected authority

Federal government offers more measures to help agricultural sector

Latest moves include investment fund, changes to TFW program

The federal government continues to unveil policies and dollars it says will assist the agricultural sector during the COVID-19 pandemic. A $100-million fund, launching in partnership with Calgary-based Forage Capital Inc., will be used “to support proven, viable companies through unexpected business disruptions, such as the COVID-19 pandemic.” According to the federal government, Farm Credit

The program was going to look like a British Columbia farmers’ market coupon system since 2007, but changes to the market have required flexibility.

Farmers’ market ‘coupon’ program adapts to new reality

The pilot program will provide community organizations with funds to buy Manitoba food

A pilot project to put locally grown food in the hands of low-income people is adapting to fit markets moving online. “The social aspect of our program, the coming together at a farmers’ market, was incredibly important to us,” said Justin Girard, Direct Farm Manitoba board member. “But in the midst of a pandemic that’s

An employee prepares grocery orders for home deliveries in Montreal May 2.

When a ‘status quo’ food system won’t cut it

The Second World War radically changed the Canadian food system. What can it teach us about what’s to come?

Most Canadians probably never dreamed they’d spend so much time this year in line to get into Costco. As COVID-19 shut down society mid-March, grocery stores became different places. Signage told customers to buy only one pack of toilet paper, bag of rice or jug of milk — if they were even on shelves. Headlines

“We still don’t know what this pandemic will cost, but we do know it’s trillions,” says one rancher. “The next one will cost us even more — maybe everything.”

Comment: Don’t chain me down

Food chains are too unreliable, the coronavirus reveals

For over a month now, nearly anyone who can lift a fork has asked what the “new normal” in agriculture will be. Six weeks later, we now have a pretty good idea that ag’s new normal will look like ag’s old normal. That should give everyone deep concern. If no food supply chain is strong

One in seven Manitoba households experience food insecurity, according to Food Matters Manitoba.

Video series busts hunger myths

The short, educational videos tell individual stories of food insecurity, and offer solutions

A new video series seeks to bust myths about Manitobans facing food insecurity while highlighting causes and solutions. “The release of these videos could not be timelier,” said Rob Moquin, executive director of Food Matters Manitoba in a news release. “Even before the current COVID-19 crisis, food insecurity among Manitoba’s families was on the rise,” he added.

Qu Dongyu.

Pandemic a threat to global food supply: FAO

Supply chains are the weakest link and require massive collaboration

The Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO) says COVID-19 is a threat to global food security that must be mitigated by ensuring supply chains are not disrupted. Agriculture ministers from G20 countries held a joint meeting, where FAO director general Qu Dongyu said preserving access to safe food and nutrition is an essential health response to the pandemic. “We need to

Beyond the human-health issues associated with the pandemic, there are several concerns that transcend Canadian food and agricultural markets.

Food and agricultural markets during a pandemic: Insights from economists

The global spread of the SARS-CoV-2 virus is an unprecedented event that will affect Canadians’ lives in many ways. The effects of the pandemic are difficult to predict, but there are serious concerns about the effects of the pandemic on Canada’s economy. This has included concerns about food production, distribution, and food security (for example