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The Jacksons – for Mar. 17, 2011

Abitterly cold north wind howled icily across the Jacksons’ yard as Brady Jackson pulled his shiny black Trans Am up in front of his father’s shop and turned off the engine. He opened the door and had to grab at the steering wheel as a particularly violent gust nearly yanked the door out of his

Climate Change Brings Stronger Storms

Witnesses to Cyclone Yasi’s destructive tear across northeastern Australia described it as a monster for its size and ferocity. It was also an omen. Climate scientists say global warming is heating up the world’s oceans and atmosphere, providing more fuel for tropical cyclones and creating ever-greater risks for crops, miners and billion-dollar beachfronts. The risks

The Jacksons – for Feb. 10, 2011

Brady Jackson opened the door of his father’s workshop and dragged the old aluminum extension ladder out into the snow. With the ladder trailing behind like an old-time travois, he trudged through the snow towards the house where Andrew waited for him on the front step, leaning on an aluminum snow shovel and holding a

The Jacksons – for Jan. 27, 2011

Snow fell steadily outside. A strong north wind howled around the eaves of the Jacksons’ old two-storey farmhouse, carrying the snow with it across the yard and over the lilac hedge at the south edge of the yard. The drift that had been piling up there since the first snow in late October had finally

The Jacksons – for Oct. 28, 2010

“ Idon’t know if I can take it for another year.” Rose Jackson shivered as a cold gust of wind rattled the dining room window and a low-grey cloud obscured the sun. “Already the cold is making my knees hurt,” she added. Andrew lowered his newspaper a few inches to look at his wife. “According

Potato Harvest On The Colony

Trucks are waiting! Everybody welcome. Thank you!” The crisp message rings from the public address system, inviting colony members to a shift of picking weeds and lumps of dirt out of newly harvested potatoes travelling by conveyor into the shed. “This is a recorded announcement!” one of the young women deadpans. Grabbing gloves and a

The Jacksons – for Sep. 16, 2010

Acool breeze blew a few early autumn leaves across the grass in the Jacksons’ pasture as Andrew and Rose walked side by side toward the flock of sheep grazing contentedly in the lengthening shadows. The sun sank low behind the trees in the west and a nighthawk winged its way across the sky. Rose turned

The Jacksons – for Sep. 2, 2010

Jennifer Jackson and Kendra Toews grabbed a couple of towels from the top of the pile on the blanket that was spread out on the sand, but didn’t bother to use them before they settled their still-dripping bodies into their beach chairs. Jennifer took the chair next to the lounger on which her mother, Rose,

The Jacksons – for Jul. 22, 2010

Jennifer Jackson threw her left foot into the stirrup and hoisted herself easily into the saddle. A gentle flick of the reins urged Diamond, the tall sorrel mare Jennifer had owned since her 15th birthday, to step forward into an easy walk. Jennifer let the mare choose her own pace as they set out but

The Jacksons – for Jul. 8, 2010

Randy Jackson stared moodily at the steam rising from the “world’s best dad” coffee mug sitting on the table in front of him. Across from him sat his father Andrew, a steaming cup in front of him as well, and to Randy’s right sat his sister Jennifer, who was in the process of finishing off