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The Jacksons

Jennifer Jackson shuffled into the kitchen early on Sunday morning, casting a bleary eye at her parents Andrew and Rose who sat at the dining table, each with a cup of coffee and a section of the newspaper in front of them. She opened the cupboard, took out a mug and poured herself a cup

The Jacksons By Rollin Penner

The wedding will be small,” said Brady, “and the reception will be elegant, but the party afterwards will be epic!” Brady’s parents, Andrew and Rose Jackson, smiled at Brady’s obvious enthusiasm. Brady’s sister Jennifer laughed out loud. “I can’t believe you’re so excited Brady,” she said. “Heck, when Randy got married we practically needed a

The Jacksons

A strong south wind rattled the windows of the Jackson house and howled noisily through the eavestroughs. The last vestiges of snow melted rapidly on the roof and formed a small river at the bottom of the downspout at the southeast corner of the house, and a pair of crows argued noisily in the big

The Jacksons

By Rollin Penner Winter has finally arrived in Manitoba. There’s been talk in the coffee shops about the possibility that it might not come this year, but most people are smarter than that. Like death and taxes, winter is non-negotiable. Actually, taxes are negotiable, to a degree. Certain, but negotiable. Winter is also certain, and

The Jacksons

We’re a week into January and the temperature continues to hover around zero at the Jackson house. Same as last year, only last year it was zero inside the house, not outside. That was the night when the furnace quit working late in the evening and no one noticed until Andrew awoke in the morning,

The Jacksons – for Jul. 21, 2011

Gravel crunched rhythmically underfoot as Andrew and Rose Jackson walked slowly down the road that bordered the east side of their farm. Overhead, a few clouds floated equally slowly across the sky, while the sun shone down on the endless prairie around them. Hawks soared high overhead while a gang, or more accurately a murder,

The Jacksons – for Jun. 9, 2011

here’s my water bottle?” Jennifer Jackson peered into the open refrigerator. “Did you drink my water Dad?” Andrew looked up from his plate of food and snorted. “The only thing I drink from a bottle is Johnny Walker,” he said and turned his attention back to his dinner. “Oh, there it is.” Jennifer reached into

Manitoba’s Outstanding Young Farmers For 2011

Andrew and Tanis DeRuyck’s unique mix of grain farming and farm management consulting has earned them special recognition as Manitoba’s Outstanding Young Farmers (OYF) for 2011. The Mariapolis couple chosen at a recent banquet in Brandon, and will represent Manitoba when the province hosts the national OYF event later this year. Andrew and Tanis both

The Jacksons – for Apr. 28, 2011

must say, this is a steak of superior quality!” Brady Jackson sliced a bite-sized piece off of the slab of sirloin on his plate and popped it into his mouth. “I don’t know what your secret is Dad, but this is awesome.” Brady’s fiancé, Amanda, nodded in agreement. “Aside from the fact that I don’t

The Jacksons – for Mar. 31, 2011

I can’t believe how cold it is.” Rose Jackson shivered as she climbed out of “ I the truck and stepped onto the sidewalk in front of the café. “It’s almost April for Pete’s sake.” She hurried to the café door, which Andrew quickly opened for her so she could step inside. Once inside it