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In the tight-margin business of raising cattle, a host of smaller factors is pulling down profitability – and herd numbers along with it.

Cattle sector facing silent crisis

The cattle sector isn’t facing one big crisis, but rather the cumulative effect of many challenges, a new study says

Canada’s cattle industry may not be facing another near-fatal blow like BSE, but it’s hemorrhaging all the same. And this time, it’s a death by a thousand cuts, says a new study from the heart of Canada’s cattle country. Government regulations. Global trade wars. Rising land prices and ever-higher costs. Drought. Feed shortages. Head taxes

Lethbridge College to set up farm BRM curriculum

One of the first initiatives to be set up in Lethbridge College’s new agribusiness program will be a business risk management curriculum, drafted in a new partnership with the province’s cattle feeders association. The college and Alberta Cattle Feeders Association announced Wednesday they’ll jointly develop programming to be “offered in a variety of delivery modes

Alberta Reaches Compromise On Checkoff War

Acompromise on the controversial elimination of a mandatory Alberta cattle checkoff will help restore lost funding for Canada’s financially squeezed beef agencies. Alberta’s two biggest cattle associations have negotiated a three-year agreement to bring back a national checkoff on live cattle sales in the province. The deal will restore $1 of the previously mandatory $3-a-head

The Fundamental Challenge For The Beef Industry

Excerpts from an opinion published in the Oct. 12 issue of Alberta Farmer Express. The Beef Industry Alliance (BIA) is made up of Alberta Cattle Feeders Association, Western Stock Growers Association, Canadian Legacy Partners, Border Beef and the Alberta Feeders Association. It says several other organizations across Western Canada are expected to join soon. In

Alberta Checkoff Change Offends Groups

“The cow-calf producer wants to sell high, which I totally respect, but my job is to buy as low as I can. How can one entity represent both interests?” – RICK PASKAL Alberta Beef Producers as well as pork, lamb and potato groups in that province aren’t happy with their government’s plan to make commodity