VIDEO: Touring the ebbs and flows on the Manitoba Escarpment, Part Two

Monitoring stations and water filtration systems further research in south Tobacco Creek watershed

Don Cruikshank demonstrates how field runoff water samples are collected.

Years of research by the Deerwood Soil and Water Management Association have given it a broad understanding of what’s been happening in the south Tobacco Creek watershed.

Under its guidance, the project has been adjusted for a variety of conventional and modern agricultural practices in order to measure how each differently impacts water quality throughout the cycle.

The accompanying video shows how efforts are being made to treat feedlot water on site to essentially eliminate the impact this water has on any nearby creeks and streams.

A group of reporters from the Manitoba Co-operator and Alberta Farmer Express toured some of the area on July 15, 2014. This is the second and final instalment of two videos. You can watch the first video by clicking here.

To learn more about the Deerwood Soil and Water Management Association, visit

(Video editing by Greg Berg)

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