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Vote For CWB

The time has come when the wheat and barley producers of Western Canada will again be voting if they wish to retain the single desk (the Canadian Wheat Board – CWB) as their marketer or perhaps the majority will vote to turn that function over to the corporate grain trade.

When the Harper government came to power, the corporate grain trade had high hopes the CWB would be dismantled.

This may be an appropriate time to remind wheat and barley producers just why the multinationals want to get their hands on western wheat and barley marketing.

This is how theWestern Producerreported the corporate position on the front page at that time. “An expectation the new federal government will end the Canadian Wheat Board single desk and perhaps reduce its role in transportation logistics which could translate into higher profits for grain handlers”

If the grain companies get the chance to suck more profits out of grain marketing, guess who will get less?

Henry Neufeld Waldeck, Sask.

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