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Taxis For Stockbrokers And Lamborghinis For Farmers

An excerpt from a Mar. 9 Business Week interview with Jim Rogers, creator of the Rogers International Commodities Index. Rogers presents a generally gloomy view of the economic outlook, except for commodities.

“I really think agriculture is going to be the best place to be. Agriculture’s been a horrible business for 30 years. For decades the money shufflers, the paper shufflers, have been the captains of the universe. That is now changing. The people who produce real things (will be on top). You’re going to see stockbrokers driving taxis. The smart ones will learn to drive tractors, because they’ll be working for the farmers. It’s going to be the 29-year-old farmers who have the Lamborghinis. So you should find yourself a nice farmer and hook up with him or her, because that’s where the money’s going to be in the next couple of decades.”



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