Letters – for Oct. 21, 2010

The story “Deal to protect Langford Community Pasture, Manitoba Co-operatorOct. 14, is indeed a good news story. It represents the largest conservation agreement in Manitoba, if not Western Canada. There is another partner that should be recognized in this story, and that is the Whitemud Watershed Conservation District (WWCD).

WWCD was instrumental in moving this landmark agreement forward by providing the seed money that supported the work of The Manitoba Habitat Heritage Corporation (MHHC) on the legal arrangements among the interested parties. The WWCD often partners with the MHHC, as do other conservation districts. This is the largest project on which WWCD and MHHC have partnered.

Whitemud Watershed Conservation District is one of 18 conservation districts across Manitoba that are concerned with activities and actions that ensure sustainable land and water resources for Manitobans.

Conservation districts are the “feet” on the ground that work in real time as grassroots, one-stop shops for conservation action in Manitoba.

Dawn F. G. Harris Executive Director

Manitoba Conservation Districts Association

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