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Letters – for Nov. 4, 2010

Manitoba Hydro is moving forward with the Bipole III project to protect the reliability of Manitoba’s power supply and to expand our export capacity. The Bipole III transmission line requires the construction of new converter stations at the start and finish of the line: the Keewatinoow Station in the north and the Riel Station next to Winnipeg in the south. These new converter stations are absolutely essential to ensure that Manitobans have continuous uninterrupted power.

If Dorsey, the existing converter station near Winnipeg, were to go down as a result of a fire, tornado or other such event, Manitoba Hydro could lose access to its northern power supply for months or even years. The Bipole III with new converter stations will protect Manitobans from catastrophic and prolonged power loss in the case of an adverse event.

Hugh McFadyen, leader of the Conservative Party, says he will cut back on costs by cutting the new converter stations for Bipole III. This is irresponsible and reckless. McFadyen’s move to cancel Hydro’s converter stations would leave Manitoba vulnerable to major power outages and rolling blackouts. Manitoba Hydro would be forced to import, not export power. McFadyen’s plan would make Hydro rates rise sharply and shake the economic stability of the province.

Manitoba’s NDP is committed to moving Manitoba forward by building Bipole III with new converter stations and keeping our Hydro reliable and affordable.

Rosann Wowchuk Minister responsible for Manitoba Hydro

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