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Letters – for Dec. 9, 2010

Huyde says suit justified

The Hudye claim (Variety declarations put to the test,Dec. 2) should make a difference to every farmer who sells to the Canadian Wheat Board because it asserts, among other things, that the CWB owes farmers a fiduciary duty.

Simply put, it’s a claim that the CWB must at all times act in the best interests of the farmers it deals with.

The legal system recognizes special relationships in which one party is required to look after the best interests of the other. These relationships, include solicitor/client, physician/ patient, priest/parishioner, parent/child, partner/ partner, director/corporation and principle/agent. Fiduciary relationships entail trust and confidence and require that fiduciaries act honestly, in good faith, and strictly in the best interests of the beneficiaries of such relationships.

Whether you are a proponent, an opponent, or just agnostic with respect to the CWB it would seem that everyone can get behind the idea that the CWB must act in good faith, and strictly in the best interests of farmers at all times.

It’s one thing to have no choice to whom western Canadian famers can sell their wheat, barley and durum, but it’s a whole other thing if that one place where we can sell it, the CWB, isn’t looking out for our best interests as producers.

Farmers’ choices are limited. We have no choice but to sell milling wheat, barley and durum to CWB. We have no choice but to sue in the courts because there is no process of mediation or arbitration. We have no choice but to face the virtually unlimited resources of the CWB.

If the CWB is not required to act in our best interests, then at the very least we should have a choice of selling the fruits of our labour to someone other than the CWB.

Nathan Hudye, vice-president, Hudye Farms Inc.,

Norquay, Sask. Please forward letters to

Manitoba Co-operator, 1666 Dublin Ave., Winnipeg, R3H 0H1

or Fax: 204-954-1422

or email: [email protected]

(subject: To the editor)



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