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Farm building codes could save lives

In the Nov. 5 story “Farm Building Codes to Vary With Operations,” Peter Wiebe, the New Bothwell broiler producer quoted in your farm building code article is simply missing the point by stating that “bringing farm buildings under the code could be a crack in the door for animal welfare activists to eventually get even tougher restrictions on livestock operations.”

Silly me, here I thought the support we offered for improved farm building codes was to save thousands upon thousands of animal lives on an annual basis. I guess Mr. Wiebe is willing to sacrifice animal welfare to keep the “activists” on the other side of the door. He’s wrong when he states we want to have the “whole animal production system shut down.” What we want, and a large number of the public, is to have our food humanely raised, humanely transported and humanely slaughtered. It’s that simple and being humanely raised includes not being burned to death.

Bill McDonald Executive Director Winnipeg Humane Society

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