What Is The Manitoba Agri-Health Research Network?

The Food Development Centre at Portage la Prairie is a special operating agency of the Manitoba government and is involved in the development of grains and oil-seeds, fruits, vegetables, meat and bakery products for the supermarket shelf, as well as agricultural products for health. The FDC operates under a licence from the Canadian Food Inspection Agency, providing a place for food entrepreneurs to produce and market products onsite for sale across Canada and around the world.

The Canadian Centre for Agri-Food Research in Health and Medicine is a unique-in-Canada medical research facility studying the health-related effects of functional foods and nutraceuticals, providing the scientific community and the general public with reliable, scientific evidence-based information. It was jointly developed by St. Boniface General Hospital (SBGH) and the University of Manitoba.

The Richardson Centre is among the advanced facilities in Canada for researching value-added functional foods and nutraceuticals. It focuses on developing healthenhancing products from traditional Prairie crops, such as oats, canola, buckwheat, flax and hemp. RCFFN researchers partner with University of Manitoba scientists to identify bioactive compounds that offer health promotion, performance enhancement, and disease prevention and management.



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