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Slower is better for N uptake: UAP

UAP has launched a new slow-release nitrogen fertilizer that it says will allow farmers to plan around a “more targeted” foliar N application later in a growing season.

The product, N-Pact, is a patented 26-0-0 Triazone fol iar formulat ion, which “allows better foliar uptake without the leaf burning often associated with other nitrogen fertility programs,” UAP product manager Brodie Blair said Oct. 6.

UAP’s studies, he said, find N-Pact to be 31 per cent more efficient in foliar uptake than other sources of N (urea, nitrate, ammonia).

“What we’re saying is apply less nitrogen to the soil now and then do a tissue sample to measure need for nitrogen later,” Blair said. “You can apply additional nutrients later as required for filling and protein. It’s easier and more efficient.”



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