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Setting The Record Straight

TheManitoba Co-operatorincorrectly quoted Doug Robertson of the Grain Growers of Canada in a Dec. 9 story as saying the railways are “getting screwed royally” by the freight revenue cap.

This is what Robertson said: “I understand why they don’t like the rail cap. Personally, I don’t like it either. If I was forced to work for the rail cap I would do just barely good enough a job to satisfy that because if I do too good a job WGRF (Western Grain Research Foundation) gets funding right?”

He later said: “I don’t fault the railways for trying to make money. I think everybody in the system has to make money. A lot of the times I hear from farmers who say ‘only the farmers should make money.’ We wouldn’t have a very good system then. Everybody should be free to make as much money as they can possibly make within a reasonable commercial setting so that nobody’s getting screwed royally over it.”

TheManitoba Co-operatorregrets the error and apologizes for any confusion.



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