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Our history: April 4, 1996

Our April 4, 1996 issue reported that the Canadian Wheat Board had moved 100,000 tonnes of grain from the Red River Valley in anticipation of spring flooding. A storm the previous week had dumped 20 cm of snow throughout southern Manitoba and the Interlake.

In Geneva, veterinary and health experts had met to discuss a possible link between BSE and a new degenerative brain disease which had killed 10 young people in the U.K. Cattle trade was reported to be at a standstill in U.K. markets.

FCC reported that despite the loss of the Crow benefit the previous year, Prairie farmland values had increased by 5.5 per cent in Manitoba, 11.6 per cent in Saskatchewan and 9.4 per cent in Alberta. Average farmland values for those provinces respectively were $453, $294 and $395 per acre.

Minister Responsible for Telecommunications Minister Glen Findlay announced that 911 emergency phone service would be implemented in rural Manitoba.



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