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Letters — for Jan. 26, 2012

Conservative government needs a history lesson

It is a shame that our elected members of government do not research information before they print false statements. In Merv Tweed’s last parliamentary report, two statements must be corrected.

The first false statement was that the Canadian Wheat Board was “imposed” on western farmers. After many years of advocating for a strong marketing agency that would serve farmers, the government of the day created a “voluntary wheat board.” It didn’t take long to realize that a voluntary board did not work as intended.

So again, the farmers of Western Canada advocated for a stronger agency and the government granted the “single-desk authority” to the wheat board in 1943. This was done with a huge majority of farmers supporting the government’s move in that direction.

The second statement was about “Canada being committed to supplying inexpensive wheat to Britain during the Second World War.”

What markets were there in 1943? Europe, Asia, North Africa, the Middle East and the Pacific Rim areas were all embroiled in war.

We supplied grain through the Mutual Aid agreement to our allies and let’s not forget the wheat made bread products to feed our allied troops on the front lines.

To imply that we were forced to supply inexpensive wheat to Britain is a slap in the face of all who endured the hardships of the Second World War.

Once the war ended, the Mutual Aid agreement ended as well and the wheat board was praised by other countries as it became well known as a reliable source of grain which enabled countries to concentrate on rebuilding themselves.

By the way, the price of grain sold through the Mutual Aid was higher than the domestic price.

It is regrettable that the Conservative government disregards the facts of history and must resort to this type of propaganda to serve their ideology. The correct statement is that Mr. Tweed’s government is “imposing” Bill C-18 against the wishes of the majority of western grain farmers.

Garry Draper

Lenore, Man.

Prime minister baffling

I am completely baffled by the recent, quick actions of our prime minister. He was in such a rush to do away with the Canadian Wheat Board, not allowing the farmers a vote on the question, consequently breaking the law.

Then he turns around in a very short time, now instructing his ministers to go out into the country and talk to the people to find solutions for making a better Canada.

Was that meant to be a stab in the back to agriculture, one of Canada’s biggest engines contributing to our economy? Why? Go figure. Is he coming or going? How long are we going to put up with that kind of two-faced government before more damage is done?

Wm. J. Shwaluk

Shoal Lake, Man.

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