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It was a green 4-H month

Go green; Go 4-H. That is what Canadian 4-H Council, with support from Bayer CropScience, asked all 4-H members, leaders, alumni and supporters to do on November 5 to help kick off November as National 4-H Month across Canada.

Across the country, green was the colour of the day and the colour of the month, as everyone involved with 4-H showed their 4-H colours. 4-H members and leaders across Canada wore green, businesses decorated their offices, and schools encouraged their students to wear green to class.

As well, more than 100 4-H delegates from across Canada were dressed in green as they travelled to Toronto for the 2008 National 4-H Conferences. Like 4-Hers across the country, they wore green and showed their 4-H pride and spirit.

“We received word from across the country about 4-H members, businesses, schools, and 4-H supporters wearing green and showing their 4-H spirit,” said Bob McAuley, president of the Canadian 4-H Council. “4-H pride and spirit continues to be strong in Canada, and the number of people wearing green on Nov. 5 was indicative of that.”

Green and white are the two official colours of 4-H in Canada, as signified in the 4-H Canada clover logo. Green represents agriculture, and white represents youth and purity.

To help celebrate this year’s event , Governor General Michalle Jean offered a message of congratulations and support for the Show Your 4-H Colours event and to 4-H members, leaders and alumni across Canada.

“It gives me great pleasure to join all Canadians in celebrating National 4-H Month,’” said the Governor General. “Throughout its history, the green colour has inspired many Canadians to give back to their community and has helped them to succeed. National 4-H Month is not only an opportunity for volunteers, members and supporters to celebrate, but it is also a chance for past 4-H members to rediscover what drew them to the clubs in the first place.”

The event was also recognized by statements from Prime Minister Stephen Harper and Federal Agr icul ture and Agr i-Food Minister Gerry Ritz, a former 4-Her.

National 4-H Month was also recognized in the House of Commons.

“For 95 years, 4-H members and leaders from across Canada have shown their pride, spirit and enthusiasm for agriculture, skills development and leadership,” said Blaine Caulkins, Member of Parliament for Wetaskiwin. “4-H has provided thousands of young Canadians, like me and many of my rural colleagues, with an opportunity to learn and grow through personal competition and challenges.”

With that, the Canadian 4-H Council extended a thank you to all 4-H members, leaders, alumni and supporters across Canada for showing their 4-H colours and helping to celebrate 4-H in Canada.

“The 4-H program in Canada is an extremely vibrant program, and members, leaders, alumni and volunteers recognize how important 4-H is,” said McAuley. “On behalf of the Canadian 4-H Council, I want to thank everyone who showed their 4-H colours, and who showcased the pride and spirit of 4-H in Canada.”

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