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Fairs & Festivals – for May. 28, 2009

Is your community hosting a farm fair or exhibition in 2009? Contact the Co-operator with your event, dates, location, contact information (phone, e-mail and/or website) and

updates or changes at [email protected]

June 1 – Melita Fair. Contact Alana Van Steelandt at 204-665-2448.

June 2 – Seniors’ Day at the Manitoba Agricultural Museum, Austin. For more info call Dianne at 204-637-2354 or e-mail [email protected]

June 3-7 – Manitoba Summer Fair, Brandon. For more info call Karen Oliver at 204-726-3590 or visit

June 6-7 – Beautiful Plains High School Rodeo, Neepawa. Contact Trisha Jarvis at 204-476-2623.

June 6-7 – Rockwood Summer Fair, Stonewall. Contact Janice Rutherford at 204-467-5612.

June 12-13 – Lundar Agricultural Fair and Exhibition, Lundar. Events include Miss Interlake pageant. Contact Cynthia Wirgau at 204-278-3255.

June 12-21 – Red River Exhibition, Winnipeg. For more info call 204-888-6990 or visit

June 13 – Foxwarren Fair. Contact Tracey Pizzey at 204-847-2055.

June 19-20 – Pelican Lake Agricultural Fair, Ninette. Contact Jennifer Forsyth at 204-528-3546.

June 19-21 – Holland Open Old Time Fiddling Contest, Holland. For more info call 204-526-2064 or 204-526-2459.

June 20-21 – McCreary Fair. Contact Tina Krieser at 204-510-1021.

June 20-21 – Turtle Mountain Fair, Boissevain. Contact Nicole Wright at 204-534-0857 or 204-534-3236.

June 25-27 – Dauphin Fair. For more info contact Sherry Beyak at 204-638-4428 or visit

June 26-27 – Killarney Agricultural Society Fair, Killarney. Admission $10. Contact Wally Mitchell at 204-523-8713 or Jennifer Goodyear at 204-523-4610,e-mail [email protected]or visit

June 27 – Rapid City Fair, 9:30 a. m. to 6 p. m., Rapid City. Admission $3. Contact Myrna Bayes at 204-826-2273.



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