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Enumerators Going Door To Door

Enumeration began July 21 for Manitoba’s 40th general election next Oct. 4. With Manitoba’s new set-date elections (the first Tuesday of October, every four years), the enumeration period will begin earlier and last longer than in the past.

Approximately 3,000 enumerators in the province’s 57 electoral divisions have begun going door to door to collect the names and information of eligible voters for the voters’ list. Enumerators can be identified by their yellow Elections Manitoba vest and photo ID.

Manitoba residents are eligible to vote if they are Canadian citizens, are at least 18 years of age on or before election day and have resided in Manitoba for at least six months immediately before election day.

Voter information, compiled for use during the election, will also be given to the candidates and registered political parties.

If no one is home, the enumerator will leave a card that explains how eligible voters can have their name(s) added to the list.

As required by Manitoba’s Elections Act, eligible voters are identified through enumeration. The voters’ list is essential for administering the election.

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