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Drought In U. S. South To Persist Through June

Drought gripping Te x a s, Ca l i f o r n i a , the Southeast and Wisconsin is expected to persist through June with “limited areas of improvement,” the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration said March 19.

Drought could also develop from northern Virginia to New Jersey if dry weather continues.

Recent rains brought some relief to Texas and Northern California, but water levels in reservoirs are much below average and spring run-off is forecast to be below average, NOAA said.

Texas and some parts of Florida had the driest winter on record.

In April, much of the U. S. Southwest and South will be drier than normal during April, but the lack of rainfall will shift to the U. S. Northwest in coming months, the National Weather Service said.

The weather will be warmer than normal for much of the U. S. Southwest and south-central states through June, forecasters said.

Below-average temperatures will span west from Montana to Oregon and extend north to include much of Alaska.

NOAA said deep snow and heavy rains have elevated the risk for serious flooding in parts of the U. S. Midwest, especially in the Red River Valley region of North Dakota. Floods in the upper Midwest could rival high water levels seen in 2006 and possibly 1997, NOAA said.

“We are looking at a situation with all the ingredients for near-record flooding in the upper Midwest,” said Jack Hayes, director of the National Weather Service, in a release.



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