Conservation congress comes to Winnipeg

staff / The Sixth World Congress on Conservation Agriculture will be held in Winnipeg in June 2014.

“That conference will showcase Canadian farm developments such as no-till farming systems to the world,” says Don McCabe, president of Soils Conservation Council of Canada. “The Beneficial Management Practices employed in conservation agriculture are the backbone of sustainability. The need in the future will be to ensure farmers get recognized by the marketplace for their efforts.”

Council officials say hosting the conference is just one more way Canadian farmers are driving a new generation of developments in soil management that are changing the face of Canadian agriculture.

Those developments will be in focus during National Soil Conservation Week, April 15 to 21, 2012.

“Farmers are very aware of sustainable soil management today,” says Glen Shaw, executive director of the Soils Conservation Council of Canada (SCCC). “Soil management techniques such as reduced-tillage farming systems have revolutionized cropping systems.”

Another growth area is precision agriculture where producers use new technology such as GPS units linked with new-generation application capability to precisely apply exact amounts of agricultural inputs and manage their land in the most sustainable way.

“Soil conservation is so much more than erosion control today,” says Shaw. “Food producers see their farms as part of broad food production systems directly linked with issues such as greenhouse gas emissions, carbon sequestration, water quality, air quality and biodiversity.”



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