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CASA and Glacier FarmMedia team up for safety

A promotional campaign will support CASA’s support and education programs

The Canadian Agricultural Safety Association (CASA) is once again partnering with Glacier FarmMedia and its publications the Manitoba Co-operator, Alberta Farmer Express and Le Bulletin des agriculteurs to support farm safety initiatives.

This marks the third year that Glacier FarmMedia has supported CASA initiatives as a media sponsor, advertising and celebrating both the Back to Ag Program and Progressive Agriculture Safety Day.

The Back to Ag Program is a funding project focused on supporting the cost of adaptive technology for farmers who have experienced a traumatic injury. The program helps purchase specialized equipment or adapting existing equipment that will help them get back to work on the farm safely.

The Progressive Agriculture Safety Day program, the largest rural safety and health education program for children in North America, typically consists of one-day, age-appropriate safety events that help children learn how to be safe on the farm. Since 2002, CASA has been working with the Progressive Agriculture Foundation to support farm education for rural Canadian youth through Safety Day events, reaching over 127,000 Canadian children and participants.

“We’ve heard from farmers that they prefer to receive safety information from organizations they have a relationship with,” says Marcel Hacault, CASA’s executive director. “Glacier FarmMedia’s trusted ag publications are a great way to get CASA’s program information to agricultural communities and to farmers.”

Glacier FarmMedia will feature advertisements for both the Safety Day and Back to Ag programs for a total value of $78,000.

“Glacier FarmMedia believes everyone in the agricultural industry has a role in keeping farm families safe,” says Farrah Wilson, Glacier FarmMedia’s sales and marketing co-ordinator. “We are pleased to support Back to Ag and Safety Day.”

For more information about Safety Day or the Back to Ag Program, visit the Canadian Agricultural Safety Association website.

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