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4-H Reports – for Mar. 5, 2009

The Co-operator will publish 4-H reports once a month. Reports can be submitted by the third week of the month by e-mail to [email protected],by regular mail to 4-H Reports, c/o Manitoba Co-operator, 1666 Dublin Ave., Winnipeg, Man. R3H 0H1 or by fax to 204-954-1422.


The club held its monthly meeting Feb. 1 at the Oak Lake Curling Rink at 7 p. m. The yearly curling bonspiel was reported to be a success, with the weather co-operating. Communications for the club has 100 per cent attendance by the members. Area level Communications is in Boissevain on March 15.

The 4-H Wheat Kings game was scheduled for Feb. 28. A lot of the members were excited about this game as it is a yearly event for all attending 4-H clubs to cheer on their local WHL team. Go Wheaties!

The Virden zone meeting that Megan Bailey and Albert Rimke attended was held Jan. 6. The southwest council meeting on Jan. 20 was attended by Nadine Thiry.

The Lenore bonspiel was scheduled for Feb. 8 and the Rivers bonspiel for Feb. 28. The club planned to send a rink to each spiel.

The club decided to make a donation to the Cameron Rampton fund. The members, parents and leaders are going to try and get a speaker at the next meeting to talk about cattle nutrition.

The next meeting was scheduled for March 1 at the curling rink. If any peewees would still like to join the club, please call Nadine Thiry. – Natalie Bailey


Our February meeting was held on the 10th at the library. Business began with discussion on the clipping and grooming clinic that was scheduled for Feb. 28 at the Horner farm. As mentioned in an earlier report, there will be no curling bonspiel this year but in its place there will be a hayride and bonfire. The sleigh and horse team will be provided by Scott Fergusson. We plan to have this event on March 7 at Mr. Fergusson’s place starting in the evening; there is supposed to be a full moon that night so it should be quite enjoyable, weather permitting.

Our second weigh day will be held March 22 at the Horner farm. Hope the steers will push down on the scale; with under a month till the weigh day, they’d better start shovelling the grain in. After we have the weights recorded there will be a small lunch and hobnob. Speech night was held at the school on Feb. 6, with a wide range of topics, from world issues to pets, vets and video games, just to mention a few. With a panel of two judges, member by member, we each managed to give our speech and live to tell it another day. – Stephen Hinsburg


The 2008-09 year is well underway. Our executive was elected at our October meeting as follows: Jodie Bannister, president; Jillian Overby, vice-president; Kim Bannister, treasurer; Stacey Line, secretary; and Makayla Dyck, Banner scanner.

We have not been able to do as many activities as we had hoped to do, but we have a few more planned for the coming months. On Sept. 28 we had a clinic and trail ride at Birdtail Livestock in Stonewall. On Nov. 9 we spent a few hours at the indoor arena at Birds Hill Park; we had hoped for a trail ride, but the weather was against us The members who managed to attend had a good time and were happy to be able to ride, despite the weather.

We finally managed to have a belated Christmas party on Feb.

1. The members voted to go to Spring Hill for a day of skiing or snowboarding. We followed this with hotdogs and doughnuts at Three Line Ranch. A gift exchange was held to finish the day.

Kim, Jodie and Carrie Bannister, Rachel Smith and Rebecca Van Hulle all attended the Equine Expo put on by the South Interlake Livestock Committee at Stonewall on Feb.

7. It was an educational and enjoyable day.

– Janet Bannister



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