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4-H Reports – for Jan. 7, 2010

The Co-operator will publish 4-H reports once a month. Reports can be submitted by the third week of the month by

email to [email protected],by regular mail to 4-H

Reports, c/o Manitoba Co-operator, 1666 Dublin Ave., Winnipeg, Man. R3H 0H1 or by fax to 204-954-1422.


We had our reorganization meeting in October at the High Bluff hall. We had close to 20 members again this year. The elections were held this meeting, with Travis Buechler elected president, Brittney Little as vice-president, Dara Maly as secretary, Tanner Buechler as treasurer, me as reporter, and Layne Coltart in charge of the scrapbook. Our head leader again is Mark Coltart. As a fundraiser we had woodcutting in November. Our next meeting is Jan. 21, also at the High Bluff hall. – Kaitlyn Davey


Our meeting was held Dec. 17, beginning with the announcement that our club received a grant from Farm Credit Canada for upgrades for our Achievement day. There was a report on our first weigh day Dec. 5 at the Horner farm. It looks like there will be a lot of competition for the top spot at our Achievement and at the Fat Stock show. At the meeting we all received the weight sheets and our brand-new project books. The new project books were a relief to see compared to the books of the past couple of years that were not admired by those who had struggled to complete them. At our next meeting we will be going through the new project books.

The date is set for the ever-popular speech night, Feb. 4 at the library. Members at the meeting were eager to finally give the speeches they had written months ago in anticipation.

Following the meeting we had our Christmas party. We were divided into two teams and played Pictionary. Once everyone had a turn drawing, we then drew numbers for the gift exchange to finish off the night. Our next meeting will be held Jan. 12. – Stephen Hinsburg


We had our reorganization meeting at the R. M. of Westbourne office on Nov. 22. We have eight members this year. Elected at the meeting were president Breanne Neudorf, vice-president Julie Murray, secretary Jamie Anderson, treasurer Karleigh Lewis, reporter Kaitlyn Davey, scrapbook Siaenna Ross, Banner scanner Kara Ferguson and photographer Tayrn Winters. Our head leader is Ken Lewis. Our meetings will be held the first Friday of the month. – Kaitlyn Davey



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