Ukraine sees 2022 winter wheat-sowing area at 6.68 million hectares

Ukrainian farmers have begun sowing winter grain for the 2022 harvest and the area under winter wheat could rise significantly, the Agriculture Ministry said on Tuesday.

A total of 7.8 million hectares of winter grains, including 6.68 million hectares of winter wheat, are expected to be sown, it said.

The farmers had sown the first 54,800 hectares of mostly winter wheat as of Sept. 6, the ministry said in a statement.

The sowing area will also include 1.02 million hectares of winter barley and 160,650 hectares of rye.

The ministry said Ukraine would sow 1.03 million hectares of winter rape and the sowing was 60 per cent complete.

Last year, the autumn drought reduced the area planted with winter grains, and farmers sowed 6.1 million hectares of winter wheat, 954,700 hectares of winter barley and 125,200 hectares of rye for the 2021 harvest.

The Ukrainian National Academy for Agricultural Sciences said this week favourable weather and sufficient water content in the soil would help farmers reap a “high” volume of crop in 2022.

One of the major grain growers and exporters globally, Ukraine plans to harvest a record 80.6 million tonnes of grain in 2021.

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