Ste. Rose auctioneer honoured for innovation

Myles Masson with his Member of the Year award in Steinbach, May 5.

Auction owner Myles Masson was recognized for his business innovation on May 5 when he received the first “Member of the Year” award from the Manitoba Livestock Marketing Association.

Masson owns Ste. Rose Auction Mart in Sainte Rose du Lac, about 270 kilometres northwest of Winnipeg. He was selected for the award by his peers at the MLMA’s annual Manitoba-Saskatchewan auctioneer and cattle convention.

The Ste. Rose Auction Mart introduced the “show list” method of selling cattle by auction approximately seven years ago. Buyers are sent the show list the night prior to the sale, with all cattle weighed before sale. This gives contacts a head start on implementing strategy to purchase load lots.

Masson also developed Cattle Connect, an online cattle-marketing platform. The network was set up to compete with other electronic marketing companies outside Manitoba, and to keep sale revenues inside the province.

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