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New Antibiotic Treatment For Dairy

Pfizer Animal Health has announced that Excede 200, a convenient, single-dose, long-acting antibiotic therapy, is available to treat bovine respiratory disease (BRD) in cattle, including lactating dairy cows.

The first new BRD treatment for the dairy in more than a decade, Excede provides producers with a new option to treat an illness considered a major cause of economic loss to the dairy industry.

“Traditional BRD treatments require several doses over several days enhancing the likelihood of dosing protocol errors,” said Dr. Randy Graham, DVM, senior manager veterinary services for Pfizer Animal Health. “With a single-dose product there are fewer opportunities for mistakes such as missed doses or failure to complete the treatment. The single dose ensures that adequate drug levels are maintained above effective therapeutic levels for up to seven days.”

Excede 200 requires a milk discard of 24 hours after the single treatment. Current traditional treatments require milk discards of up to four days in addition to the milk discarded during the three to five days of treatment.

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