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Gonyou Recognized For Career Accomplishments

Longtime Prairie Swine Centre researcher Harold Gonyou has been named an honorary fellow of the International Society for Applied Ethology in recognition of his career accomplishments in pig behaviour and welfare research.

During his career, Gonyou established the methodology for assessing feeder effectiveness (resulting in the redesign of several brands of feeders in Canada), establishment of measuring stress-induced behaviour in moving and transport of pigs, refining the space requirements for all classes of swine using a novel body area formula, the understanding of social conditioning that has rewritten how mixing and handling of growing pigs and gestation animals can be better managed to reduce aggression and to assist in developing new management practices for large group-housing systems.

Although officially retired in July, he continues to oversee graduate students, consult on the research program that he has established at PSC, and deliver special lectures at the University of Saskatchewan and other institutions.

He also serves on the national committee reviewing the codes of practice for swine, and is currently publishing a series of articles on current topics in pork production and how the science of behaviour can play a part in solving production issues and societal impressions of modern pork production.

Gonyou is only the 16th person to be honoured as a fellow in the society s 45-year history.

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