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Festivals – for Jul. 22, 2010

Contact us with your event, dates, location and contact information at [email protected]

July 22-25: Manitoba Stampede and Exhibition, Morris. Contact Arden Ross at 204-746-2552, fax 204-746-2900 or visit

July 23: Harding Fair, contact Bonnie Kent at 204-838-2241, fax 204-838-2158 or visit


July 23-24: Pipestone-Albert Agricultural Fair, Reston. Contact Sharon Henderson or Jeff Pringle at 204-662-4477.

July 23-25: Manitoba Sunflower Festival, Altona. Visit

July 24: Oak Lake Fair, contact Pat Baker at 204-855-2030 or [email protected]

July 24: Springfield Fair, Dugald. Contact Bill Paulishyn at 204-866-2806 or [email protected]

July 24: Plumas/Lansdowne Fair, Plumas. Admission $3; children, $1 Contact Doreen Smith at 204-386-2881.

July 24-25: Cypress River Agricultural Fair, contact Yvonne Jansen at 204-743-2103 or visit

July 24-25: Great Western Harness Racing, Miami. Contact Jan Moody at 204-435-2288 or [email protected]

July 25: Cripple Creek Music Festival, Cripple Creek, weather permitting. Visit

July 27: Elkhorn Fair, contact Sharon Henry at 204-845-2622 (phone or fax).

July 29-Aug. 1: Manitoba Threshermen’s Reunion and Stampede, Manitoba Agricultural Museum, Austin. Contact Sandra Head at 204-637-2354 or visit

July 29-Aug. 1: Swan River Valley Fair, contact Colleen Immerkar at 204-734-3718 or [email protected]

July 29-Aug. 1: Rockin’ the Fields of Minnedosa, Lake Minnedosa. Featuring Helix, the Mudmen, the Northern Pikes. Visit

July 29-Aug. 2: Grandview Homecoming and Old Tyme Picnic, Grandview and Wilson Park. Contact Lisa Boughton at 204-546-2492.

July 30-Aug. 1: Manitoba Youth Beef Roundup, Neepawa Fairgrounds. For more info visit 204-728-3058.

July 30-Aug. 1: St. Pierre Jolys Fair and Exhibition/St. Pierre Frog Follies, contact Roger Robert at 204-347-5856 or visit

July 30-Aug. 1: Thompson Homecoming, Thompson. Visit

July 30-Aug. 2: Islendingadagurinn, the Icelandic Festival of Manitoba. Visit

July 31-Aug. 1: Great Western Harness Racing, Killarney. Contact Gladys Mason at 204-523-8495.

July 31-Aug. 1: Pioneer Power Equipment Club annual fall show, Cornwallis Park (on Veterans Way/PR 457, one mile east of First Street), Brandon. For more info call Ron Schaefer at 204-728-6411 or Ross Campbell at 204-763-4342.



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