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Global Markets: Trump doesn’t strike back

By MarketsFarm

WINNIPEG, June 21 (MarketsFarm) – The following is a glance at the news moving markets in Canada and globally.

– Iran stated the United States was ready to retaliate following Thursday’s shooting down of an unmanned Global Hawk surveillance drone being operated by the U.S. Navy. Iranian officials told Reuters that a message from U.S. President Donald Trump stated he was against war and wanted talks with the Persian Gulf country. A New York Times report stated U.S. military forces in the region were prepared to strike back, but Trump called off the attack at the last moment. Iran claimed the drone was over their territorial airspace and the U.S. claimed it was over international waters.

– Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau met with Trump on Thursday to discuss ratifying the U.S.-Mexico-Canada Agreement and Canada’s trade dispute with China. Trudeau also met with Nancy Pelosi, the Speaker of the House of Representatives to discuss the new trade deal. Pelosi and her fellow Democrat lawmakers are reluctant to ratify the USMCA. Trudeau said the Canadian Parliament will ratify the deal before October’s federal election. Mexico approved the deal earlier this week.

– There was another outbreak of African swine fever in China, in the country’s Guizhou province. The latest outbreak killed 82 pigs and infected more than 100 others. Since August, there have been well in excess of 120 outbreaks of the disease that is almost always fatal to hogs. Reports have varied that China hog population, the world’s largest, has plummeted 20 to 30 per cent due to mass culling to control the disease. Also, China banned pork imports from Laos this week due to African swine fever. The disease is not fatal to humans.

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