Axial, Frontline co-packed

Syngenta Crop Protection has launched a new co-pack of its Axial and Frontline XL herbicides under the brand Axial FX.

The 20-acre package, announced Monday, will include a jug each of Axial, a Group 1 grass weed product, the Group 2 and 4 broadleaf herbicide mix Frontline XL, and the adjuvant Adigor.

The new package “serves as a complete herbicide solution for spring wheat and barley in the black soil zone,” the company said.

The company has also rolled out what it calls the Axial Frontline Megapallet, which includes a drum each of Axial and Adigor and two drums of Frontline XL, which together are meant to treat 480 acres.

The new “megapallet” will offer “greater convenience for larger growers — particularly those with mixed spring wheat and barley crops,” the company said.

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