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Worthington Ag Parts Closes Niverville Store

The Wor thing ton Ag Parts store in Niverville, Manitoba, a supplier of new and used combine and tractor parts, will close its doors for the last time Oct. 30. The outlet, which originally operated as Rempel Tractor Parts, was acquired by the Minnesotabased Worthington chain in 1994; it has remained that company’s only Canadian location.

“This decision does not reflect the overall financial stability of Worthington Tractor Parts, Inc. or Neil’s Parts of Australia (a Worthington subsidiary),” said president, Mike Winter in a statement on the company’s website. “It resonates more with the fact the market does not have the breadth to support operating a parts business in this area.”

Worthington’s Nivervil le outlet is only one of many Canadian ag parts suppliers that have seen demand soften due to changes in the industry. “The market is shifting to late-model machines and fewer producers,” said Winter during an interview, something that has forced the closure of many similar businesses all across the Prairies.

Unfortunately, the closure will mean layoffs for the Niverville store employees. And because the company does not have any other Canadian locations, it could not offer them the option of transferring to another site.

Worthington does, however, still operate 14 stores in the U. S. and six in Australia. “Worthington Ag Parts continues to grow and diversify to support it’s customer base worldwide,” Winter’s online commentary said. “We are excited with the new ventures we have in emerging markets worldwide and we will continue to be a leader in our industry.”

“We appreciate the patronage of those customers who supported us (at the Niverville store) and wish them continued success in their farming businesses,” added Winter during the interview.

The company hasn’t abandoned the Canadian market entirely. Producers in the Niverville area – and the rest of Canada – can still source parts from Worthington through its U. S. mail order operations. “We ship parts to Canada every day,” Winter said.

Orders can be placed through the company’s website, or by phone at 1-888-845-8456.

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