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Viterra Rolls Out Weed Killers For Wheat, Peas

Viterra has added a Group 1 herbicide for wheat growers and a Group 2 broadleaf and grassy weed product for field pea and bean crops to its new roster of company-branded crop protection products.

Foothills contains the Group 1 active ingredient clodinafoppropargyl, the same used by Syngenta in its Horizon products. It’s registered for use in the Prairie provinces for control of wild oats, green and yellow foxtail, barnyard grass, Persian darnel and volunteer oats and canaryseed in spring wheat and durum crops.

Pulse Star contains the Group 2 active ingredient imazethapyr, the same as BASF’s Pursuit. It’s registered for use in field pea, dry bean and alfalfa crops against grassy and broadleaf weeds, including green foxtail, redroot pigweed, hemp nettle, chickweed and cleavers, in the black and grey wooded soil zones on the Prairies.

Viterra began selling its own company-branded herbicides in February. Its roster also includes WildCat (Group 1), Broadside (Group 2 and 4 combo) and Cypress (Group 1 and 4 combo).

U. S. Winter Wheat Crop Struggling

The health of U. S. winter wheat, which has been hit by recent cold, is trailing last year’s crop, the Agriculture Department said April 6 in its first crop progress report for 2009.

The cold weather has raised concerns about possible crop damage to U. S. Hard Red Winter wheat this year. USDA said 43 per cent of the winter wheat crop was rated good and excellent compared to 45 per cent at this time in 2008.

The department also said four per cent of the cotton crop has been planted compared to seven per cent a year ago and a five-year average of eight per cent.

The Midwest was hit by a weekend storm that brought cold and several inches of snow, which could slow spring field work and planting. Rain is forecast for later this week.

The unsettling weather comes a year after the Midwest was hit by severe spring flooding, forcing farmers to replant many corn and soybean fields.

The planting season for other crops will soon begin. USDA will release planting figures for cotton and spring wheat next week.

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