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Two New Nexera Varieties

Dow AgroSciences is introducing two new Nexera canola NX4 varieties this spring.

NX4-106 RR is a Roundup Ready(R) variety and NX4-205CL is a Clearfield(R) variety.

The new NX4-106 RR is suitable for growers in mid-to short-season zones. It is the earliest-maturing variety in the NX4 RR series, has improved early-season vigour compared to NX4-104 RR, and has yield potential similar to NX4-104 RR. This variety is rated R for Blackleg, which offers the highest resistance to Blackleg, a disease that can cause major yield loss. NX4-106 RR also offers very good lodging resistance for easier swathing, very good harvestability and the convenience and weed control of the Roundup Ready system.

The new NX4-205 CL is a Clearfield variety suitable for growers in the mid-and long-growing-season zones of Western Canada. Also rated R for Blackleg resistance, NX4-205 CL features yields similar to Nex 845 CL and very good lodging resistance and harvestability.

Nexera canola is popular in the food industry because of its omega-9 oil content, which can be used as a replacement for trans and saturated fats.

Nufarm introduces glyphosate booster

Nufarm has announced registration of Spike-Up, a herbicide which the company says adds punch to glyphosate in cereal crops.

Spike-Up contains the active ingredient tribenuron, found in products such as Express, plus Nufarm’s Credit brand glyphosate.

Nufarm says the combination provides superior burn-down of key weeds such as narrow-leaved hawk’s beard, dandelion, kochia and volunteer canola. As a pre-seed product it may also provide extended control into the growing season, Nufarm says.

Spike-Up is packaged in a 40-acre case and a 900-acre tote.



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