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The FarmQuest Project: Salimata Traoré

Building confidence, and growing a market garden, in the village of Wakoro

The FarmQuest Project: Salimata Traoré

Salimata Traoré is a young woman anxious to build a future as a professional market gardener. In the past, she has grown a garden on a small scale, but now Traoré wants to grow on a larger scale. It won’t be easy.

Some of the difficulties Traoré faced in the past were access to seeds and traveling to neighbouring villages to sell her produce. But for her new endeavour, Traoré faces an unfortunately familiar challenge: gender inequality.

Traoré’s father-in-law disagrees with her starting a professional garden as it will reduce the young mother’s time for the family farm. Traoré does not stand alone. She has the support of local advisors in the Daba Kamalen project and other women who see this as an opportunity to help build a future for local women.

Traoré sums up her participation in the project by sharing a sentiment that can be applied to anyone in any part of the world – “It makes me happy to do something I enjoy.”

Watch the original video on YouTube.

Salimata Traoré is a contestant in Farmquest, a “radio reality” series sponsored by Farm Radio International, a Canadian organization that works with African radio stations to deliver extension information to farmers. Each of the six contestants submitted a business plan for a farm operation, and each was featured in a series on Radio Fanaka. The winner receives a cash prize to help start his or her new farm venture.

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