“Non-Crop” Post-Emergent Weed Killer Launched

ClearView, a selective control for annual and perennial broadleaf weeds, invasive plants and shrubs, has been cleared for use in Canada – but not in field crops.

Dow AgroSciences Canada has announced registration for the new post-emergent product’s use to control weeds and shrubs on rights-of-way, industrial land, rangeland, permanent pasture and other “non-crop areas.”

Options to controlling weeds and shrubs in such areas are “limited,” Dow Agro marketing manager Jerry Olechowski said in a release. “ClearView will help industry effectively manage broadleaf weeds and invasive plants, and it has a favourable environmental profile.”

ClearView, is a granular Group 4 and 2 combination of aminopyralid and metsulfuron-methyl that can be applied alone or tank-mixed with products such as 2,4-D or glyphosate for broader-spectrum control in a “variety of vegetation management situations.”

The herbicide’s label recommends it “for use on areas where loss of broadleaf forage plants, including legumes, can be tolerated. It shouldn’t be sprayed near desirable vegetation or spots where the product may be washed into contact with desirable plants’ roots, such as sidewalks or driveways, the company said.

Hay cut from treated grass, in the year of application, should only be used on-farm to feed livestock, the label warned.

Manure or compost from animals fed the treated hay should only be used on registered-use sites – again, “where the loss of broadleaf forage plants, including legumes, can be tolerated.”

The label allows for only one application of ClearView per growing season.

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