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New Seed Treatment

Protinus, a seed nutrition product that promotes early plant growth has gained regulatory approval for sale in Canada, Wolf Trax has announced.

“Protinus really stands out in tough early-season conditions. Given the substantial dollars that growers are spending on seed, a product that will enhance crop emergence and early-season growth is certainly of value,” says Jennifer Bailes, product manager for seed technology and innovations at Wolf Trax.

Protinus has been widely tested on a variety of crop types including corn, soybeans, wheat, canola, grass, forages and vegetables. Results from hundreds of individual trials show that enhanced nutrition delivered directly to the seed through Protinus application, results in earlier, more even emergence, and larger root and above-ground plant growth.

Protinus works by optimizing the pH around the seed for uptake of important nutrients, and delivering three key micronutrients directly to the young seedling.

New blight control

Syngenta Crop Protection Canada, Inc. is working with Innovotech, a Canadian biotechnology product development company, clearing the way for continued research trials in North America on the new plant bacterial blight research product, oxysilver nitrate.

Earlier this year Innovotech and Syngenta entered into a mutually beneficial agreement by which Syngenta will conduct research trials of oxysilver nitrate in a seed treatment application for control of bacterial blight.

Bacteria, like fungi, exist in the soil as part of a dynamic agricultural system. Dry beans as well as other crops, can be greatly affected by bacterial diseases. Bacterial blight is a serious problem for many crops with very few acceptable control products available to Canadian producers.



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