New Glyphosate Storage And Handling

Rack Petroleum (“The Rack”) has reached an agreement with DuPont Canada to supply Polaris-brand glyphosate as part of their innovative new Racketeer glyphosate storage and handling system.

Launched earlier this year, the Racketeer is a new way for growers to safely and efficiently handle their glyphosate needs. This bulk system allows growers to conveniently store their glyphosate on-farm in specially designed tanks. These tanks have rigorous environmental safeguards to meet today’s stringent storage requirements, along with special pumps and valves that maintain security while supplying quick, efficient performance.

With the agreement in place for DuPont Canada to supply Polaris-brand glyphosate for the Racketeer system, growers can also be assured of a high-quality glyphosate backed by service from a trusted supplier.

“Our goal is to make things simpler and more efficient for growers,” said Dennis Bulani, president of Rack Petroleum. “The Racketeer system is an exciting new twist to modernizing the responsible use of crop protection products.”

“We are pleased to work with The Rack on this innovative new offering,” said Priscila Vansetti, business director for the DuPont Canada Crop Protection Business. “This bulk glyphosate system has an excellent fit with our sulfonylurea products such as Express SG and Express PRO, so Racketeer customers will be able to take full advantage of the value and service we provide with our complete herbicide portfolio.”

The Rack operates from Biggar, Saskatchewan with retail and wholesale services in the distribution of fertilizers, bulk fuel and crop protection products in Western Canada.

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