Monsanto Rebrands Trait Technologies

Monsanto Canada has announced that its value-added trait technologies will be marketed under the Genuity brand in Canada beginning in 2010.

“Genuity gives us the opportunity to communicate about our traits as a family of innovative products that will enable farmers to do what they do best, even better,” said Mike Nailor, trait marketing lead with Monsanto in Eastern Canada. “Genuity will provide a single, easily recognized brand to simplify the process by which farmers select Monsanto trait technology for use in their farm operations.”

In Canada, the first traits under the Genuity banner will be Genuity Roundup Ready 2 Yield(TM) soybeans and Genuity Roundup Ready(TM) canola. Following regulatory approval, Genuity SmartStax(TM) corn will also be added to the Genuity family.

Todd Younghans, trait business manager with Monsanto in Western Canada, says the first visual evidence of Genuity will be seen starting this spring and summer in various materials used to identify those Genuity-branded products that will be available in the marketplace in 2010. Easy-to-read icons representing herbicide tolerance, insect protection, weather protection and increased productivity will be among the more visibly identifiable elements of the new brand.

“The Genuity icon system, which will be a prominent part of materials, including seed bags, will help farmers match traits with the specific needs of their farm operation,” he said.

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