Check Your New Or Altered Grain Dryer – for Aug. 19, 2010

Keystone Agricultural Producers is advising farmers who have new or recently altered grain dryers to have their units connected and checked by their gas fitter well in advance of when they might want to use them later this fall.

“If you’ve moved, altered or changed the fuel source on your grain dryer, or purchased a new unit altogether, KAP encourages you to ensure that all required inspections are done early to avoid delays,” KAP says in a release. “If these preliminary checks are done, farmers may be able to avoid some of the problems that developed in 2009 concerning imported equipment and improper gas fittings.”

KAP has been working on this issue and has discussed these challenges with the Department of Labour, which works with manufacturers to ensure that production methods and parts meet Canadian safety standards.

Wet Harvest Forecast

Producers should be prepared for a long, damp harvest, according to Drew Learner from World Weather Inc.

Learner said intermittent showers will be the name of the game for the remainder of August.

“It’s not just going to be one continuous rain, but it will be a slower harvest because of some of the rain events that come along.”

Learner said when it’s not raining, it will be hot, until early September, which brings the first threat of frost.

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