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Bigger FlexDraper Meets Combine Capacity

MacDon Inc. has developed a combine header that exceeds the capacity of most Class 9 combines, the company says in a release. The new 45-foot FD70 FlexDraper represented a breakthrough in flex header techology, the company says. “Now, with the release of the 45-foot version, farmers will finally be able to push their combines to their harvesting limits in a wide range of crops including soybeans, edible beans and all cereals,” the MacDon release says.

“A key advantage of the 45-foot (13.7-m) FD70 FlexDraper unique flexing action is that it allows the header to maintain a consistently close relationship between the knife and the reel, even in maximum flex.

This is in contrast to conventional flex headers where the flex action can prevent proper reel tine contact with the crop, which in turn can cause bunching and plugging. The result is the most flexible header yet with wing float and flex capabilities that greatly exceed the performance range of flexible cutterbars on conventional flex headers. Additionally, the FD70 can also perform as a rigid header by locking together the FlexDraper’s three sections, giving operators the best of both worlds.”



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