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Thoughts On Father’s Day

A man bought a house and decided to plant a special tree seed to commemorate the date when he bought the place. However, the seed did not sprout even though he watered it faithfully every day. He thought that maybe the following year it would start to grow better and faster. To his surprise, the next year a tree did start to grow in the exact planting spot, but it was not the kind he had put in. He was perplexed. How could the seed that he planted change into a different type of tree? After discussing with his family, his son gave the man the answer. Right on the spot where his dad planted the seed, the son planted his own seed. “I knew, Dad, that you would water your seed faithfully, so I put mine on top of yours because I knew that mine would get the water it needed.”

This is a good illustration of the fact that when our earthly father is faithful, our needs are met. Our Heavenly Father is even more faithful and will ensure that all that we need in life will be supplied.

“Faithful is He who calls you, and He will also bring it to pass.” (1 Thessalonians 5:24). – Addy Oberlin writes from

Swan River, Manitoba



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