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The Catcher

She jumps,

legs reaching for the sky body arching,

snatching a jagged rock with sharp teeth seizing it mid-air,

indifferent that it could shatter her pointy, sharp teeth.

I reach down slowly for another of a million stones, trudging to Fairholme Schuel, searching out the perfect size

my fingers close firmly on a small paper-white Gribble stein.

Only when convinced there is another to catch does she drop

the stone from her mouth.

I pull back my hand, she crouches, alert.

Huge chocolate eyes cutting through me head slightly tilted.

My arm flies forward, sending the stone, slicing through the air. She lunges,

muscles flexing, stretching, tail fanning the air

muzzle wide she leaps for her prize.

It descends into her maw, as if remote controlled. She thuds to the ground, the compelling pleading in her eyes forcing my hand, I toss high into the clear air it falls helplessly into the mouth of Sibia, our canine.

– Kaitlyn Maendel

Fairholme Colony



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