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Parkland Regional Library A Big Success

Dave Walker, councillor for the Town of Erickson, Manitoba has recently been appointed trustee to the regional board of the Parkland Regional Library. “I was surprised,” said Walker, “about the history and scope of the Parkland Regional Library’s reach and services. I am an enthusiastic user of the library and I certainly appreciate that we have this fantastic resource in our community.”

Currently, the library system has 20 branches serving 36 cities, towns, villages and rural municipalities, a bookmobile serving 28 communities and a book-by-mail service (not to be confused with Open Shelf which is available from the Provincial Library Service), for a combined population of 36,919 people.

The decision to join the Parkland Regional Library is initiated by the local municipal council, and service is a partnership between the municipal and provincial governments and the library system. Participating municipalities are assessed a per capita levy of $6.80, and this, plus any other money spent to support the local branch, is then matched by the provincial government to a maximum of $8.50 per capita. Provincial money is allocated annually for the acquisition of new materials and to support the technology costs of the library service.

From its inception as a pilot project in 1970, the Parkland Regional Library has been a huge success, growing to the largest in the province, with a total of 117,650 books and DVDs in an online catalogue that can be searched and requested by all library patrons.

Tara Elliott, the library technician at the Erickson &District Library is proud of all the services the library is able to provide. She can help you search out a book and have it delivered to the library – even from out of province, and there are three computers and two printers for use as well as the building being equipped with wireless network. Movies and magazines are available and materials are rotated quarterly. There are many resources for children and students, too.

With the advent of E-readers, the library system has kept up to date, offering access to “E-libraries Manitoba.” Members can download an electronic book, formatted for viewing on a computer or for use on an iPod or MP3 player. Some of the books can also be burned to a CD for the audio book users.

If you are interested in having your RM become a participant, contact your local councillor. Parkland Regional Library director, Jean-Louis Guillas, will meet with local councils to answer any questions. Contact him at 1-204-638-6410.

– Candy Irwin writes from Lake Audy, Manitoba


”…wehavethis fantasticresourcein ourcommunity.”

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